Hansa Institute

Our Vision

Hansa Institute is envisioning its growth that will afford the resources for tackling other important issues, such as, The fitness of the Korean community organizations: their effectiveness of leadership, mission and goals, organizational structure, resources (human and monetary), internal and external process.

  • Patterns of the Korean community’s coping behavior with criminal incidents where Koreans are involved as victims or as offenders. Especially the recent killing of two Koreans by the police triggered this interest.
  • Disproportionate arrests of Koreans by the police for DUI and the probability of ethic profiling.
  • Patterns in the success and failure of the Koreans’ real estate over investment, particularly from the investment in commercial properties.
  • Patterns of dropouts, depressed college life (and suicidal implications), low performance, evasive addictions (gambling, narcotics, and drinking), and other failures.
  • Manpower planning: Patterns of career choices, probability of landing on a job of one’s choice, satisfaction with career choice, and glass ceiling.
  • Dating and mating data base for Korean American 2nd generation.
  • State of Korean Americans without health insurance.
  • Soundness of the strategy of the Korean Culture Center project.